A Practical Course To Learn Tamil For Absolute Beginners: (Standard And Colloquial) PDF Download


The book is for absolute beginners who have no knowledge of Tamil. This book has a teaching method where the users can learn the language practically as well as get a strong grip on its grammar so that they can make their own sentences and understand how the language actually works, especially since Tamil having a spoken version and a standardized one may be daunting even for the most passionate of learners. In case you only want to speak Tamil, you can learn the colloquial version that is placed right below the standard version. Vocabulary and grammar also have their colloquial counterparts.The lessons have dialogues and vocabulary to use on a daily basis. There are valuable points on the book that are addressed so the user is able to get through Tamil-speaking cities with no difficulty. The purpose of this book is to enable absolute beginners to understand the language in such a way that they can speak, read, write and listen in various day-to-day scenarios, with ease. Although becoming proficient is a long process, the book aims to help build a strong foundation in the language.


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